Ceiling Fans Vs Air Conditioning - The great debate as to which is more cost effective.

There are many points you will need to factor in when trying to answer this question including:

  • Upfront cost
  • Heat factor
  • Humidity
  • Running costs

Upfront Cost

An average household would need around 5 ceiling fans (one per room) and depending on how many rooms your household has. The costs of ceiling fans range from $100-$400*. Say you decided to get one at $250. You need 5 of them which would add up too $1250.

On average an Air Conditioning unit will set you back anywhere between $700-$2000. So the initial upfront costs don't have too much difference. So at this point it is quite even.

Heat Factor

Ceiling fans push the air around the room rather than cooling a room down. They are better used for passing air over the skin allowing your body to cool itself and adjust to the change in temperature. To put it simply even if ceiling fans blow air at you, they don’t remove humidity or actually lower the temperature of the room. 


There is no denying that trying to sleep through a Queensland summer is a struggle. Many of us put the ceiling fan on to offer some relief. Depending on the type of fan you have there is either a slow speed that may as well not be turned on or there is a fast mode which feels like the fan will come lose and go flying around the room, destroying everything in its path. 

Both speeds making a terrible whooshing sound. Having a air conditioning unit will not only make for a quiet safe nights sleep but it will take the cant breath humidity level down to a comfortable night sleep. I think air conditioning is definitely the leading the way now.

Running Costs

This is where the decision gets tougher. The running costs of a ceiling fan is cheaper but ask yourself why you need to be cooled off. There is one undeniable reason why air conditioning is so much more expensive than ceiling fans…..IT WORKS!!

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