Electrical Safety Tips for Christmas

The holiday season is now upon us and amidst the excitement, never forget that electrical safety is imperative for your home this Christmas.

When it comes to turning your house into a Christmas extravaganza and proving to the whole neighbourhood that you are Santa’s little helper, first and foremost ensure that you do not cut costs and be very wary when buying overseas lights from eBay or any other store over the internet.

These lights most likely do not pass the Australian Safety Standards and can be very dangerous to your household.

Algester Electrical - Christmas Lights and Electrical Safety Tips

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Electrical tips for putting up Christmas lights and other electrical decorations:

  • Check the wires for any signs of damage or wear and tear.
  • Checked for damaged sockets, ripped and bare wires or anything that look unsafe.
  • Check over the manufactures instructions again.
  • Check all globes are fitted properly. DO NOT USE if some are missing.
  • Only use lights that have passed the Australian Safety Standards.

If you decide to buy second-hand lights, they need to be checked by a licensed Electrical Contractor to make sure they are safe to use. Safety requirements for Christmas lights have changed in recent years, some second-hand lights may not meet the latest safety requirements.

Electricity, Water & Safety

As customary for an Australian Christmas to be celebrated outside, especially near water, make sure you have the correct lights for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor lights are made to handle the elements whereas indoor lights are not. For outdoor electrical connections, all electrical connections need to be weatherproofed.

Here are more tips to help you set up your Christmas decorations safely:

  • Check decorative lighting and all leads for damage - never use damaged lead.
  • Use power boards fitted with overload protection.
  • Avoid using double adaptors or piggyback plugs.
  • Install a safety switch and test it before setting up your lights. If you don't have a safety switch, a portable safety switch is a viable option.
  • Using multiple high-powered lamps may overload your electric circuits - it is advised not to.
  • Use factory-made extension leads or those made by a licensed electrical contractor.
  • Always unwind extension leads to avoid possible overheating.
  • Use extra-low voltage outside, such as LED or solar lights.

Please remember to switch off and unplug all your Christmas lights and electrical decorations when they are not in use. Unfortunately, there have been cases where the heat from Christmas lights and poorly-placed electrical equipment cause fires in households.

Always keep in mind that electrical safety is important - if you have massive Christmas decorations set up, it does not hurt to get an Accredited Master Electrician to inspect your home for electrical safety and determine if it complies with Australian Standard and Regulation.

It's the season that brings such joy to all and we wish you safe and happy holidays.

From everyone here at Algester Electrical, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Algester Electrical

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