Get Ready for Storm Season

As we head into the prime storm season in Queensland, here at Algester Electrical we would like to help you prepare your homes and surrounds for the craziness that is Brisbane weather.
The most important thing to remember is not to touch a fallen power line even if the power is off in your home. If you are ever unsure and need an electrician, we are only a phone call away.

South Brisbane Electricians.

Apart from securing all outdoor furniture and making sure your trees are clear from power lines, there are many things you can check prior to storm season. Here is a quick checklist of safety measures.

Electrical Safety in a Storm:

  • Keep a torch and spare batteries handy.
  • Make sure your home is fitted with surge protectors and lightning conductors
  • Before the storm arrives disconnect external aerials, power leads to radios and TVs, computers and modems.
  • Do no use landlines (telephone)
  • If you lose power. turn off and unplug electrical items
  • Listen to your local radio station for power restoration updates
  • Don’t use or attempt to repair electrical appliances that may have been damaged by rain or flooding. Have them checked with a qualified electrician first.

Electrical Safety in a Flood:

  • If youElectrician brisbane southside find yourself in a situation where your home is flooding, the first thing you need to do is turn off power at the main switchboard.
  • If you decided to use a generator at any point you must make sure that you do not connect it to the electrical wiring of the house unless a licensed electrician has installed a changer over the switch.
  • Do not operate or switch on any electrical items while standing barefoot in water. Footwear can actually save lives.
  • When the time comes to switch your appliances back on make sure they go through a full safety check.
  • Always make sure your house is electrically safe before you return. Get an electrician to check over your switchboard before turning it on.

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