How NBN Improves Your Business

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian national wholesale open-access data network with both radio and wired communication technologies being rolled out and operated by NBN Co Ltd.

NBN utilised wired and radio communication - the wired communication includes copper, optical and hybrid fibre-coaxial communication. The radio communication includes satellite and fixed wireless networks. They are working on 121 points, which are interconnected and located in telephone exchanges throughout Australia.


Upgrade to NBN

Wired Communication

Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technology is used - 1 Gbit/s is upgraded from 100 Mbit/s speed.

Radio Communication

4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) fixed wireless and Geosynchronous Sky Muster telecommunications satellites.

How to connect 

NBN installation can make a huge difference to you. To deliver this service, NBN is using a set of technologies based on user’s location. You should check your address and the availability of NBN in your area via the NBN Rollout Map. In some locations, NBN installation requires trenching - an organised digging for the establishment of the connection.


NBN for Business

A superior broadband connection can change the look of your business and can give you great capabilities to send and receive data electronically. You can build a new business model, gain access to some new marketplace, improve your customer relationships and overall savings or have a unique organisational selling point that leads to competitive advantage over others in the marketplace.

Cloud-based service

NBN installation will open the door to fully utilise the superfast internet, meaning you can subscribe to cloud storage and employ cloud computing which will save you heaps of time and money. Documentation and data storage will improve your business thus increasing overall efficiency.


Revolutionary communication service can be set for your customers with having a super fast internet in your hand. NBN for business enables you to communicate with clients/business partners from the other side of the world without any interruption. Moreover, you will find various platforms which share secure workplace and collaboration for your business.

Remote Working

Faster broadband will provide flexibility to your workforce to work from home or another office which can lead to increased productivity, greater employee satisfaction, reduced level of stress, and most importantly cost-reduction in the long run. Another benefit of working remotely is that it will help to address the increased emphasis on legal rights and work-life balance within jobs.


In this current world of fast speed internet, there is no alternative to faster communication. NBN installation will make a world of difference to your business performance. You should be NBN-ready and embrace the revolution that is happening across the nation. Algester Electrical does everything NBN-related and we are more than happy to be at your service.


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