Top 5 Exciting Things About Switching to NBN

NBN Installation

The National Broadband Network (NBN) supplies all residential and commercial properties with a fast and secure connection to the internet. NBN is the latest broadband network in Australia. A standard NBN installation contains the supply of all NBN equipment and the service of connecting fibre optic cable from your street to the NBN box indoors.

When planning your installation you have two alternatives:

  1. You can decide to install your modem yourself, which can be risky as you will be dealing with electrical cables and you will need to get your work certified by a qualified electrician; Or
  2. Call us and we will send one of our NBN technicians to assess and complete the installation for you stress-free. 

Top 5 Exciting Things When You Switch to NBN

Everyone is excited for the NBN rollout across Australia!

Let's have a look at five of the best reasons for making the switch to NBN.

1. Work life balance - Connect remotely to your office

A lot of people prefer to work from home, so being able to access a high-speed internet will make working from home more viable for your employer. There will be no problem of accessing files or transferring that important documents anymore!

2. Backup to your 'cloud' system

With NBN, you are able to transfer data with super fast broadband speed. Services like DropBox and other Cloud based systems allows you to backup private photos, videos, and documents much quicker.

3. Stream TV programs and movies

Online streaming services like Netflix and Stan are now taking over the classic DVD store. In fact, thousands of Australians use TV streaming services as their primary source of television content as you can view movies, sports, documentaries, and so much more all on request.

4. VOIP for your business

The super fast NBN speed signifies that voice call via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) could be a fundamental business feature in the near future. Latest NBN offerings provide an abundance of broadband plans and VoIP in bundled packages.

5. Keeping in touch with family and friends overseas

Have you ever been chatting to someone on Skype or FaceTime and it stops midway through your sentence leaving them looking at a very unflattering frozen image of your face? Struggling with internet speed will be a thing of the past when you make the move to NBN. 


NBN installation brings not only faster speeds but, more secure internet connection and plans to connect 93% of the Australian population to the latest technology. You might be happy with your current internet speed and think that you will not notice any difference by making the switch to NBN, but here at Algester Electrical we can assure you that with higher speed and top quality internet it will help you grow with future technology and increasing infrastructure that is guaranteed to follow this new NBN roll out.

Be NBN ready and get your quote now!