USB Charging, Is it safe?

Most technology is now powered by a usb style charger. If you break or misplace the model that came with your item, it is so easy to pick up a replacement from almost anywhere, online, local stores even some petrol stations. 

But are they safe?

The death of a consumer where an unapproved USB charger was potentially implicated caused a major electrical safety warning to be issued to prevent this tragedy from occurring again.
These products are by passing Australian testing and are not safe to use with certain products having been found to be missing several components that we would usually find, eg. missing insulation, no pins and no approval marks. 

These issues have a very high fire, death and damage risk and it is illegal to sell unapproved or non compliant USB powered adaptors in Australia. The maximum penalties are $87,500 and/or two years imprisonment for an individual and $875,000 for a corporation.

USB Charger Warning

Some of the tell tale signs that the item could be unapproved :
Cheaper that it should be
The pins the get plugged into the wall NEED to be insulated
Construction needs to be a well made sturdy design.
 Approval markers or Numbers need to be visible.


If you have one of these products please throw it away immediately, for more information you can read this media release from the Canberra Government.