Wiring and Rewiring Your Property

Faulty wiring in houses has been deemed to be the leading cause of residential fires.

All it takes is a little spark to arouse a host of immediate problems when it comes to defective electrical wiring.

Therefore, it is important that when building a house, you look into employing proper wiring from the beginning. If you are purchasing or renovating your house, you must get the existing wiring checked for faults and look into rewiring the electrical network.

Why Proper Wiring or Rewiring is Necessary

In the case that a property has not been rewired since the past 20 to 30 years, it is strongly recommended that you look into getting the data cabling replaced. The reason being that there is a high probability that several junctions and cables have become damaged or needs upgrades due to persistent use or wear and tear.

It is for the safety and benefit of you and your family that you should look into rewiring your property.

Tips for Rewiring Your Home

After making the decision to get your property rewired, make note that it is a messy and disruptive process that requires a lot of time and thought investment. Thus you must plan adequately for this task:

  • Start off by obtaining a plan of your house and locating the furniture in each of your rooms to accurately judge the electrical requirements of each location
  • Decide where you want switches, alarms, lights, fans, and other electrical units to be located - it is preferably done in the beginning because wiring is a continuous process
  • Changing your mind in the middle of the process can make it a longer process with possible increment in cost too.

Rewiring is done in two stages: the ‘first fix’ and the ‘live’ stage.

  • The First fix: The wires and cables are laid down under the structure or the plaster
  • Live stage is when the switchboards and sockets are installed to connect everything and make it operational.

Due to the abundance of commercial technology these days, keep in mind of potential technology or devices you might be using or purchasing in the future. This is so you can make an estimate of the data cabling or wiring requirement needed for them.

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