NBN Home Cabling and Business Cabling

National Broadband Network (NBN)

National Broadband Network or NBN, is the upgrading of the existing fixed phone line and internet network infrastructure for Australia to allow nationwide access to high-speed services for phone, internet and data. This is a federal government initiative which is owned by NBN Co Ltd and it will change our daily life.

Its purpose is to enhance economic and social level by providing high-speed services delivery platform by using a mix of cutting-edge technologies to allow every home, business and building all over Australia to be connected to fast internet in a stable and reliable way, even in rural and regional areas.

Algester Electrical can help you with the NBN setup even prior the house rollout. For businesses, we also offer NBN data cabling services for phone, internet, EFTPOS, ATM, fax, fire & security alarms, HiCAPS, and emergency lift phone.

Why Upgrade to NBN?

  • Working from home - being able to work from home by having reliable access and speed of the internet.
  • Busy households run more efficiently - everyone can be online simultaneously on multiple devices with fast speed internet.
  • Entertainment-on-demand - video streaming, online games, music and photos, international TV and sports can all be enjoyed from any connectable device.

It is compulsory to switch to NBN 

Yes, upgrading to NBN is compulsory. If you are in an area where the existing network will be switched off, NBNco will then notify you by direct mail that the new NBN network is ready. After the notification, you are given 18 months to move your services to the new network before the existing network is switched off.

I Want to be NBN-Ready


NBN Installation Brisbane

  1. Check the availability of NBN in your area via the NBN rollout map. Algester Electrical offers NBN setup prior to house rollout, all across Brisbane.
  2. Preparing for phone and/or internet switch:
    • If the outside of your property is not connected to the NBN yet, then NBNco will provide a free standard NBN installation which includes connecting a fibre optic cable from street to the NBN utility box installed outside of your home or business.
    • The next step for the installer is to drill a hole through your wall and feed the fibre optic cable from the outside utility box into the NBN connection box - which can look unsightly if it's inappropriately located.
    • Our qualified Master electricians will perform expert NBN cabling to ensure all cables are smartly installed under-floor, in-wall or in-roof depending on the building plan.                                    Basic NBN Setup
  3. Contact your service provider for suitable NBN plans and submit an application and arrange for a service installation date.
  4. On the day of installation, one person needs to be home to let the installer in, and advise the preferred location to install the NBN connection box.
  5. If you are an existing NBN customer and wants to get NBN custom cabling then contact Algester Electrical to arrange for the installation appointment date.
  6. Check with your service provider if your current router supports VDSL2 for NBN.
  7. Your NBN technician will connect your data/ phone outlets to the connection box.

For a more complex and structured wiring, you have to adhere to Telecommunications Act 1997 - only a registered cabler can install telecommunications cabling in concealed locations.

Algester Electrical's electricians are all registered-cablers and licensed telecommunications technicians.

We can come to you and assist with NBN installation and data cabling needs required for the transition. We also offer NBN setup prior to house roll out - save the hassle and get peace of mind!                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Be NBN-ready and get your quote now!