Solar Panel Inverter Repair & Solar Systems Installation

Algester Electrical can help you with solar power systems to slash your electricity usage that will decrease your quarterly electricity bills.

Solar systems are seen as the exciting new way to invest equity and increase property value for your business properties or family homes. Algester Electrical designs and installs solar panels and grid connect solar power generation systems, from household to commercial applications.

Solar Panel Inverter Repairs and Maintenance

We have carried out numerous repairs of solar panels and solar systems, covering:

  • Replacing faulty inverters that fail for many reasons.
  • Replacing panels which can fail due to poor quality or can also short out to Earth.
  • Carrying out regular servicing on the solar power systems as per the manufacturer's instructions.

Accredited Solar System Designer and Installer

As an Accredited Designer and Installer of top quality solar photovoltaic grid connect systems, Algester Electrical can design a system to suit your property and budget.

Solar panels and solar power systems are used around the world, but since Australia is an especially harsh climate with extreme UV levels, we have meticulously chosen products that are proven to last and guarantee your return on investments.

Save Power, Save Money and Save the Environment.

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If you are looking for commercial/industrial solar panel and solar system services, we have a dedicated team of experienced Master Electricians with Accredited Solar Installer License that will assist you in accordance with your requirements.

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