NBN Installation

Algester Electrical provides NBN installation services and advice to prepare your home or business for the NBN roll out across Brisbane and South East Qld. 

Our qualified Master electricians can update internal wiring and install an enclosure to house the NBN equipment and data/phone points to ensure that it matches the NBN standards. The installation of an enclosure will also assist in keeping all wiring and the NBN equipment neat and tidy and hidden from view.

What is NBN?

National Broadband Network or NBN is the upgrading of the existing fixed phone line and internet network infrastructure for Australia to join the world in the digital future - this is a federal government initiative which is owned by NBN Co Ltd.

Its purpose is to enhance economic and social level by providing high-speed services delivery platform by using a mix of cutting-edge technologies to allow every home, business and building all over Australia to be connected to high-speed Internet in a stable and reliable way, even in rural and regional areas. NBN will allow nationwide access to high-speed services for phone, internet and data via which will change our daily life.

NBN Rollout Map in Australia


Are you NBN ready?

Click the link above to make sure you are prepared for the NBN roll out.

Why upgrade to NBN?

There are many benefits of getting NBN, check out the link above to find out more.

When Will NBN Come to My Area?

It's already here! Many areas in Brisbane are having NBN rolled out now and it is important that you get a qualified electrician to get you connected.

Algester Electrical can come to you and assist with NBN installation and data cabling needs required for the transition. We also offer NBN setup prior to house roll out. Check our service areas so we can get to you asap.

Check the NBN official site to check the status of NBN in your area.


Be NBN-ready and get your quote now!


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Image Source: http://www.nbnco.com.au/