Differences between Electricians and Telecommunications Technicians

Many Australians assume that electricians can undertake the role of telecommunications technicians - when many do not know the distinction between the different trades within the electrical industry. 

Electricians and Telecommunications Technicians

Although the two roles share many similarities in basic training and in performing their jobs, they do so in separate capacities. In terms of specialization, there is a sharp contrast that many consumers should know.


Electricians deal mainly with electrical services for residential and commercial market inclusive of installations, repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment and facilities. These include:

The design provided by a licensed electrician must be properly planned out and executed so that the required power (voltages) would be supplied to the necessary parts of the commercial or residential building that is being worked on.

Telecommunications Technicians 

A telecommunication technician has a responsibility of keeping the telecommunications systems of an organization running. Some of the expected skills are: 

  • Maintaining local area networks (LAN),
  • Setting up phones and fax machines,
  • Running tests on telecommunications systems areas,
  • Setting up routers and modems,
  • NBN installation,
  • Installing and upgrading equipment and facilities, and more.

These are extremely important due to the interconnectivity of electrical devices that are on the market today.  

Who Should I Call?

Due to the sheer number of electronic equipment and devices actively-used these days, whether in a residential or a commercial setting, everyone is bound to making that call to an electrician or a telecommunications technician. 

When you are considering the service of an electrical professional, it is highly recommended to employ the service of an electrical contractor that is an accredited Master electrician and a licensed telecommunications technician. Although it sounds obvious, most people do not ask if their electrician is a qualified electrician or a licensed technician.

When you have an accredited Master electrician with a telecommunications license attending to your electrical problems, it will ensure that you are getting quality work and service. It will also be a lot easier and cheaper than getting different services separately.

Always look for a qualified and licensed electrician in your area. Algester Electrical is an accredited Master electrician with electrical licenses and we can perform any job that comes our way. We possess the experience and knowledge necessary to deliver high-quality electrical services, all of our work is also backed up by the Master Electrician's guarantee. 

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