There are many ways to check if your phone lines or cables are faulty or not working correctly.

Whether the physical cable is damaged due to the wear-and-tear or rodent-related incident, we can get to the root of the problem.

However, some problems are caused by the phone carrier, rather than damages to the physical cables. Algester Electrical is happy to assist you in checking common phone line/cabling faults.

Phone Line Repair

Some common faults with your phone line or cabling include:

  • You can hear the other person but they can not hear you.
  • The line drops out in the middle of the call for no reason.
  • Crackling on the line throughout a call.
  • The absence of dial tone - flat silence.
  • You are called by other people but the line rings out.

Give us a call at 07 3273 1858 so we can first assess the situation over the phone. Should it require further attention, we can arrange for our electrician to visit your property and continue with relevant electrical service.