Carrying out an Energy Efficiency Audit is an ideal opportunity to review your current energy usage and will provide you with a report that details solutions that can be implemented that will reduce your impact on the environment and also reduce your power bills.

Commercial and industrial businesses should regularly review their current energy consumption especially with the event of new technologies and constant improvements in energy efficiencies as there are many ways to reduce costs.  

Algester Electrical will perform a complete check of your energy system including HVAC, lighting, appliances, solar system and more. We will then provide a detailed report and suggested a plan on how to improve your energy efficiency - with the objective of reducing energy consumption whilst reducing costs.

HVAC, Lighting and Electrical Appliances

All businesses utilise a variety of electrical appliances and tools every day in order to provide the products and services required within their business. If your business has not carried out an energy efficiency recently you may well be using older style components including lighting and appliances that are not as efficient as more recent products. 

According to the Australian Energy Update of 2016 industrial energy consumption has increased by 28% in the last 15 years, where the most growth came from electricity generation. The ability to reduce industrial energy inefficiency has the potential to substantially reduce operational costs.

The most significant tell-tail signs of inefficiencies within a business include:

  • Increased energy bills
  • Outdated lighting, air conditioning, tools, machinery and appliances

In recent years, many businesses have invested in renewable energy, for many businesses this is proving to be a very wise investment especially with the long hours of sunshine that we enjoy in Queensland. Solar energy can be deployed in homes, businesses, and industries generating energy for countless applications whilst greatly reducing or, in some instances even negating power costs.


Energy Ratings and Tariff

Ensure you have efficient electrical appliances by checking the energy rating label on the product and ensuring that they conform to the latest test and tag regulations. 

Within Queensland, consumers can ask their supplier for a contract which includes a regulated electricity price. This contract depicts the type of tariff charged for providing energy to your business. If you are utilising an inefficient electrical appliance (such as a water heater) that is running on a certain tariff it could be expensive and an energy efficiency report will provide advice and solutions where applicable.

An energy efficiency audit will allow you to be more efficient whilst reducing consumption costs, as well as being more environmentally friendly.