Algester Electrical will assist you in installing photoelectric smoke alarms in accordance with the legal requirements. The updated legislation is to ensure maximum smoke alarm safety for you and your employees within your business.

What is Photoelectric Smoke Alarm?

The photoelectric smoke alarms boast a technology that detects smouldering fires faster than other types of smoke alarms.

This type of protection and safety is vital - it is important to have early warning signs of any type of fire or smoke to allow time for evacuation. Not just that, it is vital to learn that the majority of fires occur due to mistakes and negligence. 


The Building Code of Australia (BCA) instructs that all homes/buildings within Australia should have at least one smoke alarm installed. The Government Fire Departments and Industry Experts recommend that photoelectric smoke alarms should be the first choice for their superior performance in fire detection.

Environmental Factors

Photoelectric smoke alarms are better for the environment as they do not contain harsh radioactive material, thus less toxic is being dumped into the environment. This also creates an easier method for disposal.

With the latest technology, these alarms can differentiate smokes made from cooking and be less of an annoyance from the false alarm. 

Electrical Installation

As accredited Master electricians, we perform on-going testing and are up-to-date with the latest training regarding smoke alarm technologies.

Algester Electrical specialises in the instalment of smoke alarms and smoke detectors - we only use the best quality of products and materials to ensure optimal safety for your home.

Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation

All photoelectric smoke alarms we use and the instalment process comply with the Queensland Smoke Alarm Legislation.

Have a read of the guide to the new legislation by Master Electricians here