LED Lighting Upgrade - Chemist


Calamvale. Queensland


Chemist Store


July - August 2017
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This client is a nation-wide chemist chain that is based in Calamvale, Queensland.


Algester Electrical was asked to carry out an energy efficiency audit for the business, report on the outcome and provide solutions where instant and ongoing savings could be realised.


An energy efficiency audit was carried out on site and the findings indicated that LED lights should replace the existing fluorescent tubes to reduce electricity bills and future maintenance costs.

After consulting with the customer, Algester Electrical supplied and replaced 78 fluorescent tubes with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED lights, and in addition, 17 spotlights which were very inefficient were replaced with LED spotlights that used a fraction of the power but provided better illumination overall.


The LED light replacement decreased electricity usage by 5.35kwh per hour, saving 380 units of power per week or 19,760 units of power per year - approximately $5,300 AUD per annum. 

The cost of maintenance is also greatly reduced as the LED lights have a five-year warranty. In addition, the lighting in the chemist is now more natural and provides a better customer shopping experience.