Importance of Installing Safety Switches on All Circuits

Safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers because of their similar roles.

A safety switch monitors electrical flow through circuitry and triggers when it detects a leakage. Safety switches are the best way to protect yourself and your family from any electrical hazards. The main goal of this device is to prevent electrocution or general human injury.

Meanwhile, circuit breakers are triggered when there's a surge of power that might lead to an overload. An apt example would be lightning striking your home or place of business - breakers and fuses will be in action to protect all the equipment and technology in your home.

The risk is real, one safety switch may not be enough

Although safety switches have been compulsory in Queensland homes since 1992, the Queensland Government is urging all Queenslanders to install safety switches on all circuits.

In a lot of Queensland homes, safety switches are only fitted to the power circuit. Due to the confusion between safety switches and circuit breakers, it means many homes do not have the appropriate level of safety - many Queenslanders have no protection for their family on other sub-circuits such as lights, pool, air-conditioning, stove or hot water system.

Importance of Safety Switches

With this mind, all electrical panels should have both safety switches and circuit breakers. Safety switches are previously less common but are now even more important - circuit-breakers are effective in protecting equipment, but only safety switches will save lives. They should be installed on all circuits as an extra line of defence.

Circuits can include hot water system, air conditioning, pools, solar power system and ovens. Anything that uses electricity can cause electrical burns or other injuries, even something as unlikely as animals or children chewing on electrical cords.

Safety Switch Installation & Maintenance Brisbane

Anything related to electrical matter such as Safety Switches should be attended by an Accredited Master Electrician. In saying that, you could safely detect faulty appliances through safety switches.

A "nuisance tripping” happens when a safety switch constantly turns off, even when there doesn't seem to be any reason for it. Usually, this is due to a faulty electrical appliance or a manufacturing defect of your equipment. Some of these defects have the potential to injure – or even kill – someone.

You can easily test the safety switches by yourself. All models should have a “test” button for ease of use. At the switchboard, press the "T" or "Test" button located on the safety switch: 

  • If it flicks off and cuts the power, it is working. Check to see which lights or appliances are now off - these are protected by the safety switch.
  • If it has not cut the power to the connected circuit then you are no longer protected and you should talk to your licensed electrician as soon as you can.

Every home and building should have safety switches installed on all circuits because of its indispensability. Plus, many are inexpensive - it's an important investment for your peace of mind and most importantly, it could save a life one day.

Algester Electrical puts a paramount focus on electrical safety, let us assist you in making your home a better and safer place for your family.

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