Professional Data Cabling Installation For Your Business

A data cable is any media that allows computer information transmissions from a transmitter to a receiver. Data cables are a very important part of any computing system. They are especially important in business and offices today because they facilitate the transfer of information and communication between different computer hardware components which are commonly found in places of business.

What to Check before Summer Electrical Storm Hits

An electrical storm, also known as a lightning storm, a thunderstorm or a thundershower, is a storm characterized by lightning and thunder. Although lightning deaths decreased in the last 30 years, it has been estimated that on average, lightning has killed 51 people and injured hundreds. Also, even though, most victims of lightning survive, they often report a variety of long-term debilitating symptoms.

Other hazards associated with the electrical storms include cyclones, tornadoes, strong winds, hail and flooding. 

Updating or Properly Inspecting Electrical Items

Updating or properly inspecting electrical items around your home is one of the easier ways to prevent disaster. Most electrical fires are reportedly caused by old appliances and faulty outlets. Frayed cords and improper use of extension cords have the potential to shower anything nearby with sparks. Some people have old homes which can’t support modern electric needs, and one response is to install safety switches. Unfortunately this doesn’t work in every case, and you may need to take more steps to protect your home – and your life.

Why it is Important to use an Accredited Electrician?

Accredited electricians are verified to have the knowledge necessary to carry out any job you request from them. If you ask your neighbour Tom to work on your house, he may know a few things, but he's more likely to accidentally burn your house down than anything else. It's always important to look for a professional service provider if you don't have the knowledge and tools yourself.

Happy New Year From Algester Electrical

We hope you have a safe and happy new year and we are excited to welcome in 2016. It’s the time of the year where you may start to plan jobs around your home. From small fix ups, to major renovations. Our highly trained technicians are able to assist you every step of the renovation project. We are by your side right from the design stage to placement of essential fixtures and even sourcing top quality fittings.

Get Ready for Storm Season

As we head into the prime storm season in Queensland, here at Algester Electrical we would like to help you prepare your homes and surrounds for the craziness that is Brisbane weather.
The most important thing to remember is not to touch a fallen power line even if the power is off in your home. If you are ever unsure and need an electrician, we are only a phone call away.

Going Green

There are many ways to be more eco friendly. Going green not only helps the environment but will also help you save some money. Who doesn't love saving money. The most effective way to save money is to have one of our friendly electricians in brisbane out to you and install a solar power system. The money you will save on the running costs of your property will drop dramatically.

Here at Algester Electrical we will talk you through each step when deciding which solar power system best suits your needs.

Ceiling Fans Vs Air Conditioning - The great debate as to which is more cost effective.

There are many points you will need to factor in when trying to answer this question including:

  • Upfront cost
  • Heat factor
  • Humidity
  • Running costs

Upfront Cost

An average household would need around 5 ceiling fans (one per room) and depending on how many rooms your household has. The costs of ceiling fans range from $100-$400*. Say you decided to get one at $250. You need 5 of them which would add up too $1250.